Ojai Valley Green Coalition – Founding Director, 2006-2012
With over 400 members (and counting), the Ojai Valley Green Coalition is actively working to create an environmentally sustainable community in Ojai. In the spirit of “think globally, act locally,” the OVGC exists to educate ourselves and others about ecological issues; to promote sustainable practices to our local businesses and organizations; to advocate environmental responsibility as a priority to our elected officials; and to bring green consciousness into our lives and our homes.

Ojai Economy Group – Founding Member, 2009-2011 (currently inactive)
The Ojai Economy Group is a group of private citizens who want to create, support and facilitate a supplemental economy for the Ojai Valley.  The Group envisions new levels of thinking, creativity and innovation in our local economy. Its immediate goals include an annual conference beginning in 2009, and a local currency to encourage and support local business and decentralized banking.

Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce – Member, 2003-present
The Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce is a pro-business, member supported organization that serves the interests and promotes the economic development of its members.

VCEDA – Member, 2008-2009, 2011-present
The Ventura County Economic Development Association advocates for policies, legislation and programs that stimulate business and a vital economy as the foundation for a vibrant quality of life in Ventura County.

Ojai Peace Coalition – Member, 2007-present
The Ojai Peace Coalition strives to be the change we wish to see in the world by taking local action in the areas of self & family, community & culture and government & politics to create a working culture of peace.

UCLA Alumni Association – Lifetime Member, Class of 1994
The UCLA Alumni Association serves as the voice for all UCLA alumni. Alumni Association members are at the heart of the organization, which fosters interaction among alumni and between alumni and the University.

UCLA/Anderson Graduate School – Director Training Program
UCLA Anderson Graduate SchoolSuccessfully completed the course presented by The Anderson Graduate School of Management and The Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in March, 2000.

Non-Profits Supported

American Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

HELP of Ojai

Ojai Valley Green Coalition

Ojai Valley Youth Foundation

The Ojai Foundation


UCLA Radio

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