Irving Kaufman at the Library of Congress

Irving Kaufman “may have been the most recorded singer between 1914 to 1930.” He was also my great-grandfather (father of my dad’s mother).

He recorded under a variety of pseudonyms, as the lead singer and backup vocals, working regularly on local and coast-to-coast radio. “He was paid a flat fee each time he recorded, never royalties.” Here’s a link to a lengthy Irving Kaufman bio.

My dad sent me a link to the Library of Congress jukebox, which has a number of Irving Kaufman recordings (and probably a number of his pseudonymous recordings too). Here’s a tune from April 7, 1914, entitled “California and you”:

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  1. Hi ! as I saw on youtube you are the great grand son of Irving Kaufman. is one of my favourite singer. I made a discography devoted to this remarquable singer. Please take a look ! so I guess you are the grand son of Eleonor Suchman ? are you also connected to Caroll Powell ??

    I was in contact by phone very briefly wit Eleanor Suchman Kaufman some years ago but she was very old (born in 1916?) and she was not able to speak for long.

    I’ll be glad to be in contact, and you can be proud of your ancestor Irving. A great man !

    Patrick HUmbert, Brussels Belgium

  2. Dear Tyler:
    I too just saw your note on YouTube. Your Great Grand-dad was one of the finest vocalist and performed with my Grandpa, Bob Effros in many of the great big bands of the day: Vincent Lopez, THe Dorsey Brothers, Ben Selvin, Harry Reser and more. Sure appreciate being in touch. Am in contact with Grandchildren and family of Cab Calloway, Ben Sevin, Vincent Lopez, folks from the silent film era ( my Grandpa also worked in film and cartoons).

    We have some great FB pages devoted to the music above – where Irving Kaufman is always recognized. See Bob Effros, Jazz Trumpeter, The Ben Selvin Appreciation Society, Vincent Lopez APpreciation Society and more.
    Chord-i-ally, Barbara Effros PS Awesome blog you have!

  3. Does anybody have a copy of Vocalion 15460? “She Knows Her Onions & Yiddisher Charleston by Arthur Brown (Psuedo for Irving Kaufman).
    If so can a MP3 be obtained.
    Many thanks
    Raymond F Mitchell

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