Day 3: Roma – A Day Unfolds

We walk south looking for the agencia to buy train tickets to Firenze tomorrow, but can’t find it before reaching Roma Trastevere. This is not the place we’re looking for, but of course it turns out to be. We buy tickets to Termini for a couple euro and take the train to Rome’s central transportation hub. Bathroom visits are one euro and worth every cent. Tickets to Firenze on Domenica are nearly sold out – we agree that we need to buy tickets to our next destination each time we arrive in a station.

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Day 2: Roma – Doing But Not Yet Being

My eyes open at 5:30am; I’m wide awake. My body’s internal clock is uncalibrated but at least its working to my advantage. I rise at 6:15 and head to the lobby of Calisto6 with my laptop. I blow through nearly all of the 170 new emails, and I type up Day 1 of our trip from my notes the night before. It’s now 7:30.

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Day 1: Roma – Across Time and Space

Massimo wore a plaid shirt and a red knit tie. He held my name on a placard, greeting us within a few minutes of our exit from Fiumincino, the international airport 25 minutes outside of Roma. The lobby was hot with money changers, taxi booths, hopeful family members and patient nuns. The tour groups coalesced as ever-expanding molecules, a mass of white sneakers, fanny packs and otherwise midwestern fashion sensibility.

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Irving Kaufman at the Library of Congress

Irving Kaufman “may have been the most recorded singer between 1914 to 1930.” He was also my great-grandfather (father of my dad’s mother).

He recorded under a variety of pseudonyms, as the lead singer and backup vocals, working regularly on local and coast-to-coast radio. “He was paid a flat fee each time he recorded, never royalties.” Here’s a link to a lengthy Irving Kaufman bio.

My dad sent me a link to the Library of Congress jukebox, which has a number of Irving Kaufman recordings (and probably a number of his pseudonymous recordings too). Here’s a tune from April 7, 1914, entitled “California and you”:

Albacore Avocado Salad

This is the second time I’ve made an albacore avocado salad. Really tasty, really easy and the cost is reasonable. All the prep time is done after you’ve started cooking.

Start lightly searing to medium the albacore in a non-stick pan. We use Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, but butter or olive oil would work fine, and give it a bit different flavor.

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