Day 3: Roma – A Day Unfolds

We walk south looking for the agencia to buy train tickets to Firenze tomorrow, but can’t find it before reaching Roma Trastevere. This is not the place we’re looking for, but of course it turns out to be. We buy tickets to Termini for a couple euro and take the train to Rome’s central transportation hub. Bathroom visits are one euro and worth every cent. Tickets to Firenze on Domenica are nearly sold out – we agree that we need to buy tickets to our next destination each time we arrive in a station.

The Colosseum is, well, colossal. Built from 69 – 86 AD by three successive emperors, it is easy to drop in and feel the Roman crowd chanting for gladiators, jeering defeated foes and enjoying naval battles in a flooded floor. Centuries ago, entrance was free, seats were assigned, tickets had numbers, entrances were separated by class.

Two metros to Piazza di Spagna, an A-list turista attraction. Fun for a bit, we wander along both sides of the river.

Sunset arrives in Piazza Navona. We enjoy art, Venice Beach sideshows and crowds. We find a doorway and sit. I have my strongest, deepest connection to this magnificent city.

[UPDATE: one week after we visit Piazza Navona, the southern Moor Fountain is vandalized. It’s a shame to see such a elegant work of art and important piece of history damaged. The performer in the yellow jacket above takes a break on the Moor Fountain.]

Dinner in Campo di Fiore, tiramisu for dessert. We get lost south of Trastevere, and then write until past two, knowing the next day’s travel to Firenze starts early.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Roma – A Day Unfolds”

  1. Ciao miei cari……………….!
    LOVED reading about Rome. One of my favorite cities ever………I’m very relieved to hear you didn’t get flattened by speeding Fiats!!
    And yer now in Barcelona? A fascinating city as well.
    I hope the weather is holding up for you. Had a heat wave here but perfect now.
    Continue having the splendid adventure you are both having!!! 🙂

    Much love


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