VC Reporter – September 8, 2005

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Ventura County Goes Ape Over The Blogosphere

September 8, 2005

Ventura County Reporter - September 8, 2005 - Planet of the BlogsVentura County Reporter - Ventura County Goes Ape Over The Blogosphere

Ojai Blog: On the other side of the county from Paul Coambs and his Simi Valley Soapbox blog, Tyler Suchman is also running a community blog for his hometown, Ojai.  His purpose is threefold: he wants to be a voice for the Ojai community, support local businesses and make connections.  The UCLA grad moved to Ojai from Venice with his longtime girlfriend a little over a year ago.

He gets his information from press releases, reader tips and plain old observation, compiling it in a form that’s moderately formal and perfect for the out-of-town tourists he hopes to intrigue with his blog.

When not blogging, the 33-year-old is running his internet consulting company, Tribal Core, which helps local and L.A. businesses connect via technology with their core of supporters and potential customers.

“Inherently, I’m interested in that intersection of technology and community,” said Suchman, who’s been working with virtual communities and designing websites for over a decade.  “Coming to Ojai, there’s very much a real, physical community here … it’s interesting to see how we can use technology to help build that community.”

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