UCLAlumni Magazine – September, 2000

UCLAlumni Magazine

Let The Music Play

UCLAlumni Magazine – September, 2000

Tyler Suchman ’94, founder, StartUpMusic.com

It all started with a love of “indie” music.  Today, StartUpMusic.com represents more than 200 independent record labels around the world.  It provides a music network for its member labels, distributing songs through high-traffic Web sites.

Founder Tyler Suchman ’94 says that he owes much of his success to UCLA.  “I received great exposure at UCLA,” he says. “It has long been a goal of mine to tap into the UCLA community for strategic partners, employers and employees.  And now I can.”

Case in point: StartUp’s senior vice president is Jeffrey Weber ’72, a regular UCLA extension instructor who has produced more than 120 albums and had a couple Grammies to his credit.

Tyler’s site has become the place to go to find new talent, rediscover golden music from the past, follow the latest Napster battles and download label-approved MP3s.

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