HopeDance Magazine – June 18, 2009

Full article at OjaiEconomy.com.  An excerpt:

HopeDance Magazine: Investing in the Power of Local Solutions
June 18, 2009 (Summer, 2009)

According to one of the group’s founders, Tyler Suchman, “The idea of supporting the local economy through various initiatives such as alternative currency and bartering has been kicked around by many individuals for many years. The OEG hopes to bring together the right people at the right time, all of whom have had great success starting and building community-oriented companies, projects, and non-profit organizations.”

The OEG is exploring the ideas around local economy from four directions at this point: alternative currency, bartering, giving and investing.  “Ultimately, a systems approach incorporates all of these ideas into a cohesive platform for a sustainable local economy,” Suchman says. The group is still considering how time, skills,and service might be woven into the fabric of a supportive, nourishing, and resilient local economy, taking into account the demographic, economic, cultural and geographic variables involved.

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