Retooling the site

I launched this site back in December 2007 with this intro paragraph:

My personal site is a catch-all for everything that doesn’t fit neatly into one of my other projects, such as my internet strategy consulting business, speaking appearances, non-profit organization or community blog. I am also using this site as a knowledge basis for myself, my clients and my associates. I believe that in our areas of expertise, we tend to answer similar questions over and over. By sharing this information, we can learn and grow at a faster rate, benefiting all of us in our personal endeavors.

It turns out that most of my blogging and content creation happened elsewhere, and I found myself not posting here much because it didn’t really have the identity I intended for it originally.

So I’m giving this another go, migrating from Movable Type to WordPress (cobbler’s son’s shoes and all) and refocusing it around a few guiding thoughts:

1) I may or may not post frequently, so I wanted to de-emphasize the traditional blog structure to some degree.
2) Most of my business related content migrated over to my Tribal Core Web Strategy Blog.
2) I wanted a site that was conducive to travel blogging and photography that didn’t fit into my other sites neatly.
3) I wanted to continue to archive some content of historical relevance to me, like the In The News pages.
4) I wanted a sandbox to try out some WordPress ideas, like Custom Post Types, interesting plugins, etc.
5) I really needed to get rid of the old header, where I had my hair pulled back into a ponytail.

So here we are – fresh start, clean slate. Let’s see how it goes.

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