Project 365: Day 5

I’m going to try taking and posting a photo a day for 365 days. This is not a new idea.

Don't wear white to a kids birthday party

I’m giving myself a rule that it will be ok to back-date a post or otherwise reference a previous day’s photo as long as the photo itself was taken in the daily sequence. Since I re-launched this site on March 23rd, I’ve taken photos and posted on four consecutive days. So my first ‘official’ Project 365 post starts on Day 5. Good luck, you’re all counting on me.

Angel in Flowers

Some fresh flowers and an angel.  Playing with close-ups and some afternoon light.  On that last image, I used a Photoshop effect called Photo Filter (Warming Filter (85)), which added some orangey-redness to the photo, which gave a bit more warmth to the angel’s face.  For these to really pop, I could have gotten the background darker and fuzzier.

Cloudy Afternoon

I recently saw a photography tip that went something like this: It’s great to shoot on a cloudy day – just keep your shots below cloud level. So I went out for a few minutes and gave it a try – here are the best shots. These are all shot on Aperture (Av) setting, switching back and forth between Macro and Manual Focus.

Latte In Focus

Last night, I learned a bit more about my new Canon S95 camera. I have already become pretty familiar with the Aperture (Av) setting, and took it a step further by dialing in Manual Focus. I took the following shot over at the always impeccable Papa Lennon’s today. The composition of the elements is not that great, but I really like the detail on the half-full latte in the back of the cup and the blurry rim in the front. I played with the exposure a bit afterward. Comments, suggestions always welcome!

The latte is half-full, not half-empty

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Bright Sun on a Rainy Day

It had been pouring most of Monday. I took my Canon S95 digital compact camera out with a tripod to get some shots. Just before sunset, the clouds in the west parted and sunlight poured through. I took this shot at an abandoned construction site with dark rain clouds perched on the Topa Topa mountains in the background – its un-retouched.

Bright Sun on a Rainy Day

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Retooling the site

I launched this site back in December 2007 with this intro paragraph:

My personal site is a catch-all for everything that doesn’t fit neatly into one of my other projects, such as my internet strategy consulting business, speaking appearances, non-profit organization or community blog. I am also using this site as a knowledge basis for myself, my clients and my associates. I believe that in our areas of expertise, we tend to answer similar questions over and over. By sharing this information, we can learn and grow at a faster rate, benefiting all of us in our personal endeavors.

It turns out that most of my blogging and content creation happened elsewhere, and I found myself not posting here much because it didn’t really have the identity I intended for it originally.

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